How To Select the Correct Size Group Transportation Vehicle To Book

How To Select the Correct Size Group Transportation Vehicle To Book

Group outings are an exciting time for all to enjoy. Booking an appropriately sized vehicle is imperative to achieve the most fun possible for all involved. If too small a vehicle is booked, everybody will become smooshed and uncomfortable. If too large of a vehicle is booked, there will be empty seats, which will increase the cost per passenger. These are both reasons it is a great idea to read through this article before booking your group transportation vehicle. This article will show you five steps you can take to make your group transportation booking go as smoothly as possible.

Initial Roster

Planning ahead of the event is essential because you will need the time to figure out exactly how many passengers will need transportation. Create your initial roster of everyone you can think of who could be invited. Think of anyone you believe would be perfect for the group outing and add them to the roster. Once the roster is completed, it is time to narrow it down and start scratching off some of the names. Sadly, it’s likely not everyone can come to the event. Once you have narrowed the list and have come to a firm number, it is time to take the next step.

Create and Send Out Invitations

You have your completed invite list together and have created really nice invitations, so now it is time to send them out. When the invitation is sent out, this is also an opportunity to share important information, such as the cost of transportation if it will not be covered. Be upfront about the costs that will be associated with transportation. Placing important information in the invitation will help eliminate any unforeseen surprises at the last minute for guests. Be sure to ask for an RSVP, as this is the only way you will be able to be certain of the number of passengers that will need a ride. Ask to receive RSVPs responses no less than two weeks before the engagement.

Tracking RSVPs

Those RSVPs will begin coming in now that the invitations have been sent. It is imperative to create a solid system to keep track of all RSVPs. You will receive text messages, phone calls, emails, and other forms of correspondence, and it is vital to keep track of all information. After a reasonable amount of time has passed and if you have not heard from specific guests, it is ok to reach out directly to them a couple of days before the requested RSVP date. It is important to contact these stragglers and find out if they plan on attending. Only a firm yes counts. You need to understand the number of passengers who need transportation to determine what size limo or luxury vehicle you will need to book.

Finalizing the Headcount

After all the RSVPs have been received and you’ve reached out to stragglers, it is time to make a final headcount. Although this number is close to certain, booking a vehicle with one or two extra seats is always recommended for larger groups. A last-minute RSVP is often made, and those additional seats are essential. Also, don’t forget to count yourself in the total number of passengers. Often, the planner fails to add themselves to the headcount, only to realize they have made an error at the last second.

Choose an Appropriate Sized Vehicle

Booking group transportation has never been easier. Our fleet of vehicles can handle almost any sized group. Our vehicles are clean and well taken care of and will always arrive on time. We offer vehicles that can carry as many as 55 passengers and as few as 1 passenger. Each vehicle has different amenities, so be sure to check. If you have any questions, call, and all your questions will be answered.


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