How Much Is It To Rent a Limo for Prom in Washington, DC?

Prom is one of the most memorable events teenagers have, so many people go above and beyond to make the occasion even more special with limousine rentals. With so many luxury transportation companies serving the Washington, D.C. area with various vehicle types, it’s easy to wonder, “How much is it to rent a limo for prom?”

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How Much Is It To Rent a Limo for Prom?

No one has to hire a professional limo for prom in Washington, D.C., but the service does wonders for making the passengers feel special and glamorous on their big night. From a parental perspective, booking a limo is a great way to ensure your teenagers are safe on the road and reach their destinations on time.

Still, the price for some limousine rentals can be surprising if you’re unsure of how companies determine their prices. Explore some contributing factors of limo costs for special events like a high school prom in Washington, D.C., below.

Vehicle Type

Most limousine companies have different vehicle types in their fleets to accommodate their passengers’ unique travel needs. For example, some private car services have executive sprinter vans, coach buses, and luxury sedans.

Not all vehicles yield the same rental price. The average prices for different types of limos and luxury cars include:

  • $55 per hour for a four-passenger sedan
  • $85 per hour for an eight or 10-passenger limo
  • $125 per hour for a 12-passenger Hummer limo
  • $135 per hour for a 16-passenger Escalade limo

Every company’s prices for hourly rentals will vary according to the vehicles in their fleet. However, it’s reasonable to assume that the nicer the vehicle is and the more passengers it holds, the more you’ll likely spend per hour on a rental.

When reviewing limos, consider how many passengers are likely to travel with your group to determine how much space is necessary. You should also consider amenities and style preferences in your decision.

Travel Destinations

Every car service needs to know specific details about the event’s travel expectations, such as the prom’s date, time, and location. The company will also need pickup and dropoff times and locations for each passenger and whether the group will make side trips.

Prom Package Prices

Some limo companies specialize in prom transportation. Depending on the service, you may find special pricing for the occasion that includes a long reservation period, extra amenities, or reduced fees for higher-end vehicles.

Be mindful that if you choose a prom package, adding extra stops or having wait times over 10 minutes could shift your package price to an hourly rate. Sometimes, hourly rates are more than prom package prices, so always ask about it before confirming your limo reservation.


When answering, “How much is it to rent a limo for prom?” you also need to consider external factors, like tolls.

Washington, D.C., isn’t a huge city. Still, it has plenty of free roadways and some that require tolls. Depending on the chauffeur service you hire, your group may be responsible for paying the toll fees as a separate charge after the ride.

Cleaning Fees

Limousines from respectable private car companies are well-maintained and undergo frequent cleanings. Though the vehicle might be less tidy when the prom ride concludes, you could incur a cleaning fee if anyone leaves behind a substantial mess, odor, or stain on the flooring or seating. Cleaning fees could be hefty, so riders need to be careful about eating and drinking inside the limo to avoid spills.

Fuel Surcharges

In most cases, limo companies include fuel charges with their base rates. The rates could range from 5% to 10%. However, if the traveling isn’t consistent with the type of ride you book, you may have a fuel surcharge with your limo expenses.


Tipping isn’t a mandatory fee, but it’s reasonable and conventional to give professional chauffeurs at least a 10% tip at the end of the ride.

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