Why Private Car Service Is the Gold Standard for Safer Transportation

Staying safe on the road is necessary, but some options are safer than others. For example, many people rely on cabs or rideshares like Uber for transportation, but a lack of driver vetting and attacks on passengers and drivers make these options less than ideal. Still, limo services and other private transportation options are safer for several reasons.

If you’re concerned about passenger safety in a limousine in Washington, D.C., here is what our Infinity Limo Car transportation experts say about the safety of private car services.

Why Private Car Services Offer Safer Transportation Than Other Transportation Options

Transportation safety should be essential to all public and private transportation companies. Still, some options are better than others. Explore the reasons private luxury transportation services stay on top of the list for safest ground transportation services.

Exceptional Driver Training

A valid driver’s license is the main requirement to become a rideshare driver. Rideshare companies do not offer driver training, so there’s no way to know the caliber of driver you’ll have during a ride. Limo services are safer transportation options because professional chauffeurs receive rigorous driver training.

Limousine companies do background checks on every driver they hire. They must have clean backgrounds and spotless driving records to join the company. Some organizations provide additional training to ensure their chauffeurs adhere to all traffic regulations and emergency preparedness standards.

With a professional chauffeur at the wheel, you can be certain the best of the best is handling your ground transportation needs.

Elevate Privacy

Whether in Washington, D.C., for business or pleasure, you’re not likely to have privacy on a bus or train. Even taxis and rideshares pose a problem for passenger privacy because drivers have no mandate or expectation to exercise discretion about their passengers. If you take a business or personal call during the ride, an untrained driver could interject themselves in your business or tell others about your information.

That’s not the same with a limousine company. Private transportation services train their chauffeurs to have excellent customer service, which includes the need for discretion and passenger confidentiality. You can be sure your chauffeur will respect your need for privacy during and after your trip.

Outstanding Vehicle Maintenance

Public transportation is unfortunately not the cleanest way to travel. With the many people taking buses, trains, and cabs daily, keeping spaces clean is hard. Since the emergence of COVID-19, cleanliness and sanitization are a must to maintain one’s health and provide safe transportation options.

Thankfully, limo services prioritize cleanliness. Every vehicle within a fleet gets routine maintenance and detailed cleaning before and after each ride. The cleaning schedule is consistent and thorough.


Traveling by private car service is usually more expensive than public transportation but is also more reliable and efficient. Rest assured you’ll reach each destination on time, and you won’t have to wait for your chauffeured vehicle to arrive.

The company’s dispatch personnel and chauffeurs coordinate to find the best routes to each destination instead of sticking to a single route that might add time to the passenger’s travel time due to traffic, construction, or other delays. Most luxury vehicles have GPS navigation systems to help chauffeurs plan their routes. Some companies even monitor flights for delays to ensure they pick up and drop off travelers on time.


Booking a limo service is a great way to ensure you’ll have a comfortable, relaxing ride. You can feel cramped on a busy bus or train, and some rideshare vehicles might be too uncomfortable.

Private car services include high-end luxury vehicles in their fleet to maximize passengers’ comfort. They offer spacious cabins with lots of legroom and cozy seating with extra amenities like privacy screens, impressive sound systems, and even bar amenities. You can also avoid sharing your space with strangers.

Stay Safe in Washington, D.C., With Infinity Limo Car

Whether traveling for business or leisure, you can be confident private car services from Infinity Limo Car represent the safer transportation option to public transport in the area. We prioritize passenger safety in everything we do, from our chauffeur training and vetting processes to our strict emergency preparedness safety protocols.

At Infinity Limo Car, we uphold the highest maintenance and cleanliness standards for our fleet, which includes the Lincoln Navigator SUV, the Mercedes EQS580, and the 2022 Cadillac XT6. Book your reservation with Infinity Limo Car at (866) 844-5333.

Discover why you should book a car service for business travel before reaching out to Infinity Limo Car.


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