Why You Should Consider Using a Shuttle Service for an Easier Daily Commute

Why You Should Consider Using a Shuttle Service for an Easier Daily Commute

When you think of shuttle service, airport transportation may come to mind. However, daily shuttle services can solve many employee transportation issues and benefit employers. 

Infinity Limo Car recommends shuttle services to simplify daily commutes throughout the Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Virginia areas. Continue reading to learn what the service can do for you.

What Is Shuttle Service?

A shuttle service is a ground transportation option that regularly transports multiple travelers from one location to another. For instance, passengers departing a plane could take a shuttle bus or van to a nearby hotel. However, contractual shuttle services can accommodate employers and employees for daily commutes.

With a contractual shuttle service, a company will work closely with a luxury transportation service to provide daily rides for workers to and from work or another business-related location. The service eliminates the need for workers to use their vehicles or public transportation to travel to specific places in their everyday business routine.

Corporate Benefits of Shuttle Transportation Service

A good employer promotes employee-company relations. One way to do this is by providing reliable car transportation to show employees that the business cares about them. The service suits many markets, including universities, government agencies, corporations, property management companies, and non-profit organizations.

Here are some benefits workers and employers can enjoy with the shuttle service.

Reduce Employee Stress

Daily commutes can be stressful for employees. However, traveling in a luxury shuttle van or bus with colleagues will dramatically reduce their frustration. Workers can travel together and spend time relaxing, conversing, or getting a head start on the day’s work while a professional chauffeur handles the transportation.

Employees can also relax knowing they don’t have to fight rush hour traffic after work. The service is an excellent way to get current employees and prospective workers excited about coming to the office.

Promote Accessibility

People with mobility issues often struggle with accessibility regarding transportation. Public buses offer some accommodations but are limited and difficult to navigate. With an ADA-compliant private shuttle bus or van, a company can boost employee satisfaction because it encourages accessibility and inclusion.

Encourage Punctuality

When employees use rideshares or public buses and trains to get to work, they must depend on a system that isn’t always reliable. Public transport often runs late, especially during rush hour. As a result, getting to work on time may require people to leave home early, which increases their commute time.

Even workers who own a vehicle may struggle to get to work on time due to traffic or car troubles. However, a shuttle service will solve most punctuality problems by creating a custom schedule to pick up employees at specific times in the morning. The experienced chauffeur and transportation company will work out the best routes to ensure the shuttle picks everyone up on time every day.

Save on Parking and Transportation

Not every employer has enough parking to accommodate all employee vehicles. As a result, many people have to park on the street or pay for parking in a nearby lot. The costs of parking can quickly add up.

If a business has a parking lot, it will need routine maintenance to keep the spaces clean and safe with visible parking lines and directions. Otherwise, the company is susceptible to a liability issue.

By booking affordable shuttle services, businesses don’t have to reimburse employees for parking or mileage. Additionally, their parking lots won’t develop premature wear and tear from lots of cars frequently driving on the pavement.

How to Make the Most of Your Daily Shuttle Ride

Few people enjoy commuting to and from work. The average work commute is about 20 to 30 minutes; however, it’s not unusual for employees to spend up to an hour traveling one way. Commuting is time-consuming, but a shuttle service can help you make the most of your time getting to and from work.

On the shuttle, you can:

  • Complete work-related tasks to free up your time at home
  •  Relax with a book, music, podcast, or meditation
  • Talk to loved ones on your phone

Book Shuttle Service for Your Employees Today

Shuttle service is an excellent way to give your employees VIP treatment. Infinity Limo Car proudly offers convenient shuttle service and contract options for clients throughout the Washington DC-Maryland-Virginia region at reasonable rates. With our contractual agreements, you can request airport rides, group transportation, and daily shuttle service anytime.

Our luxury fleet includes limousines, motor coaches, and executive vans to accommodate large groups and solo riders. Call 866-844-5333 today to request a reservation or secure a shuttle contract.


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